One Father's Story of Autism, Adoption and Acceptance


Pointing Is Rude

By Digger O'Brien

In his brave debut memoir, Pointing Is Rude, Five-time Emmy Award-winning television producer Digger O'Brien gets to the heart of being a dad. When his son Frederick was diagnosed with Autism, Digger embarked on an exhausting, emotional, and often comical journey to find a cure, visiting several prestigious hospitals and a long list of specialists--including one who referred to himself as "The Poop Whisperer." 

Digger's poignant and occasionally outrageous adventures hit multiple dead ends before taking off in a surprising new direction with the adoption of an infant boy from Ethiopia. Pointing Is Rude chronicles how one person beat back despair and, in doing so, opened up endless possibilities. It's a book that will make you laugh and cry, often on the same page.

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Digger o'brien author of "Pointing is rude"

Digger o'brien author of "Pointing is rude"

Digger O'Brien

Author of "Pointing Is Rude"

Based on his interpretation of the math, Digger O’Brien was born the middle of four children, which allows him to use “middle-child” syndrome as one of his many excuses. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame, was a volunteer teacher at Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, and has won 5 Emmy Awards as a Writer, Producer and Director for NFL Films.

He and his wife Bernadette rarely find time to watch TV after putting the kids to bed but, when they do, it’s the social highlight of their week.

You can reach the author at, or get in touch via the Contact form on this website.

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An honest, riveting work...told with wry wit...that will enlighten and offer hope to readers.
— Kirkus Reviews